10 Wardrobe Essentials For Women: Summer Edition

As we are in midsummer, I would like to list few of the must have wardrobe capsules for summer. As we all know summers get humid and sweaty. It is hard to look clean-cut on those sweaty days; hence this list will help you with basics to beat the heat effortlessly. These are my personal favorites and best basic summer capsules. One cannot go wrong with any of these basic garments. They are convenient even in hot days and can be paired with right accessories for spectacular looks.

10. White Tee

White Tee

A white tee is essential for summer as they are very basic; the best part is you can have as much white tee shirts you want. White tee shirts will go with almost all the bottoms with pair of denim or skirts. It’s simple and comfortable to wear in summer. You can have over-sized, high neck or scoop neck white tee of your choice. Make sure you select pure cotton white tees for summer to beat the heat. They go with almost all prints and fabrics of your bottom. You can layer them with cardigan as the third piece if you want to feel cosy in summer nights. When you are using over-sized boyfriend tee shirts you can roll the sleeves and slightly tuck them in the front for shape.

9. Skater Skirt or Mini Skirt

One cannot miss this wardrobe staple for breezy summer which is always on trend and universally flattering. They fit around the waist, flared at the ends and will definitely accentuate all shapes. If you don’t mind revealing your skin in your thighs you can go for mini skater skirt or else opt for knee-length skater skirt. There are different ranges of fabrics and prints. There is one for everyone to satisfy their style and preference. It’s your choice whichever you choose short or long skirts; skirts are a crucial piece in a woman’s closet for summers. They can be worn with any tees or button down shirts and give you that edgy look you need.

8. Stripe Tops

Stripe Tops

Stripe tops are ever trendy and essential staple in woman’s wardrobe. Celebrities seem to have this one piece to rock them in casual or trendy look. This can be worn to bring a casual look by adding high waist or boyfriend jeans in the summer. layering them with plain cream blazer and a statement clutch to get a preppy look. They go well with any bright skater or mini skirt to get vibrant summer look. Knee length skirts can be worn with them and adding blazer they give you an elegant attire look. Stripe tee shirts with scoop neck or v neck to bring you that slouchy feel to look more appropriate for summer is a must. Adding few statement necklaces with a pair of black pump can get you a vogue look with them.

7. Crop Tops

Crop Top

Crop tops are for who wouldn’t mind showing little skin around your waist. They are lightweight and comfortable. You can pair crop tops with high waist denim or any skirt of your choice. Crop tops get their elegance when you pair them with any high waist bottoms. Off shoulder crop tops are super trendy with high waist knee-length skirts. You can go for plain or printed crop tops which have endless possibilities of fabrics, prints and shapes. Fold your sleeves for long sleeve crop tops if it is humid out there.

When you feel nervous to show your skin while trying crop tops, you can try the baggy or flowy versions of them. For sheer crop tops you can layer them with a simple tee or button down shirt for more appealing look. Denim dungarees will work fine and reveal only the sides of your waist and doesn’t expose your stomach. Crop tops can have other colors and patterns and they are must haves in your closet this summer.

6. Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Jean

Boyfriend jeans are extremely on trend in summer or spring. They give you relaxed fit making it perfect for summer. If you want to have a comfortable bottom with sophisticated look then boyfriend jeans are the best. Specially ripped or washed boyfriend jeans will give you that casual look you want. They go with any tee or any button down shirts generally, making it flawless for summer. If you serene to show your skin, crop tops will also go well with these. You can pair them up with flat sneakers for casual look or black pump for more chic look.

5. Simply Flowy Dress

Flowy Dress

If you feel fancy and want to get dressed you can go for simple flowy dress. Try different prints which has flowers and bright summer colors. If you want to compliment your shape you can accessorize them with a lean belt around your waist. Or you can go for fit and flare cotton dress which doesn’t close fit around your waist much. Pair them up with pumps or peep toes of your choice. Scoop neck, off shoulder or v neck tops will make you feel at ease on the torrid days. You can also wear shirt dresses and roll the sleeves up; if you are convenient to reveal underlying frame. Again wrap a belt around your shirt dress to accentuate your curves. Opt for knee-length dress when you don’t want to divulge showing skin.

4. Lightweight Cardigan

Lightweight cardigan is ideal for sunny days, they are also known as kimono. Kimono cardigans are lightweight and airy, can double up into hiding your shoulders and help you feel cosy when you feel frigid. Cardigans can be short or knee-length and mostly worn as loose or slouchy fits. They make some room for your body to feel breezy given they cover your shoulder and if you don’t want to expose them to harmful sun rays. They are available in different patterns and colors to suit your taste. If you feel plain with a white tee and pair of denim you can add a patterned kimono cardigan to get boho-chic look. Most kimonos have patterns hence you can sport them with plain statement or stripe tee shirts. Solid color kimonos can be worn with anything and could be layered up even in spring.

3. Dungaree/Pinafore


Dungarees are essential outfit which consists of pair of trousers and a bib attached with a strap over the shoulders. They can be worn with tee shirts or cardigans. Denim dungarees can be worn with any tee shirts or a crop top for torrid days. Jumpsuits can be worn single or also can be layered with cardigans for the chic off duty look. Find the perfect jumpsuit with loose cut which will be more flattering and convenient. One thing to keep in mind while selecting dungarees is to look at the waist fitting; it should not be slouchy around your waist in particular. Pinafores or short dungarees can be worn if you are okay with exposing your thighs. White plain tee with denim dungaree will bring casual look, if paired with short kimono you can achieve boho-chic look.

2. Distressed High-waist Shorts

High Waisted Shorts

I will feel awkward wearing these distressed shorts which are worn in summer and spring. They reveal a lot of skin so if you are not okay with that you can skip this staple anyways. Generally denim washed and distressed shorts will give you that show stopping look. Especially high waist shorts will look good with crop tops and they make a nice casual outfit this summer. If you want to add some layering you can always go for lightweight cardigan or you can skip your tee with button down shirt. Put on lacy top tucked in with belted shorts and some cute accessories will make you look feminine. You don’t have to break your pocket to buy new one, you can always DIY them using any high waist denim.

1. Palazzos/Culottes

This one is a best piece for your closet for casual days if you want to skip denim. Palazzos are long wide pants perfect for summer time; culottes are shorter version of palazzos which goes till knees. Culottes and palazzos are accessible in an array of prints and fabrics which are normally worn for relaxing. If you want to go fancy you can choose palazzos which are slouchy and comfy. You can pair them with crop tops, tank tops or any tee shirts tucked or left as it is. You can also wear button down shirt tied up around your waist with culottes or palazzos. With palazzos you can add a lightweight cardigan or a blazer for the chic look. Add lace top to your palazzos for feminine look. Adding statement necklaces with your palazzos will be good for contemporary looks.