12 Things Makeup Does to Every Girl

The sole purpose of makeup is to brighten up the face and to contrast the best features of one-self. Women love makeup not only to brighten up their face, but also to attract and impress others. If you look thousands of years deep within the history of mankind, you would discover that women wore makeup to convey the message that they are ready to bear healthy babies. We have analysed majorly the positive effects of makeup for this post. Check out the things makeup can actually do to every girl in this post.

1. Amazing Looks


When makeup is done the right way, it leaves you all pleased, flattered and proud of your looks. You could probably become the center of attraction in the crowd. You could possibly get few nice compliments from the men too.

2. Colors Play It


In the fashion world, vibrant colors are used to describe something new. Makeup has let the girls experiment with new colors, on their lips, eyes and nails. As wearing a nude lip color is natural, likewise a black smoky eye indicates awesomness. The options are huge.

3. Express Creativity


Different looks lets you show off your different moods. Girls wear natural makeup to show that they are all natural, whereas they wear blushes and eye shadows to attend an important event.

4. Boost of Confidence


Getting compliments for your amazing looks (just because of your makeup), is a great confidence booster. Not just getting complimented by people, but also when you start to look beautiful in the mirrors. Definitely, the fine touch-ups are not going to let down your self-esteem and morale.

5. Better Skin Care


As proper exfoliation and moisturization are part of a good makeup routine, that helps you take good care of the skin. A clear skin always goes well with the cosmetic you are about to try.

6. Increasing Self-Consciousness


A nice make-up makes the women aware of the surroundings and people around. Women are more conscious about their makeup getting spoiled or their kohl getting smudged. A quick fact says that an average woman checks herself on the mirror at-least eight times a day to ensure she is looking the best.

7. Mutual Perception


Makeup becomes a point of friendship touch-down to many, as they would have common interest to share and comment about. You would rather get to know people with same ideas in makeup, fashion and beauty. Makeup is definitely a source of new friendships.

8. Silent Admirers


People start to admire you in silence, when you are looking nice or when you occasionally groom yourself to look good. Getting a sense of recognition in the crowd makes you feel high in spirits. There is also a negative side to this; you might tend to become highly uncomfortable from certain eyes.

9. Frame of Mind


Enhancing beauty with makeup has an immense impact on your mind. Using the right mix of cosmetics lets you grow your mind and personality.  Ultimately, you reach a point of stable and mature frame of mind.

10. Fashion Updates


Fashion industry is highly dynamic in nature, as the fashion trends are changing every year, every season and every day. If you are passionate about makeup and getting yourself up for a good makeup, then you are indirectly updating the latest fashion trends and also your closet wardrobe.

11. Big Collection of Brands


Makeup not only updates your fashion sense and knowledge, but also your wardrobes, cosmetic sets, and collections. Makeup crazy girls try new things every day with their new collections, which tends to expand the collection to a huge number within a year. As you get to know new brands, the same might get updated to your collection.

12. Shopaholic

Fashion industry is an expensive industry, so are the makeup items and accessories. As fashion and makeup makes you passionate, you are unknowingly getting addicted to your shopping sense. You tend to spend more on makeup products and anything that hits new in the market.