100 Amazing Facts Around The World

55. Humans are the best long-distance runners on Earth, able to beat horses and everything else in marathon distance races.

Humans are the best Long Distance Runners

54. Samsung is also a full-time weapons manufacturer.

Samsung is a Full Time Weapon's Manufacturer

53. Slovakia and Slovenia are mistakenly thought to be each other so often that they meet once a month to exchange wrongly addressed emails.

Slovenia and Slovakia are Often Mistaken to be the Same

52. The world’s longest glowing light bulb was installed in 1901 and has been burning for over 110 years straight. It has a carbon filament that is eight times thicker than a contemporary bulb.

World's Longest Burning Buld, glowing for Over 110 Years

51. Red, irritated eyes after swimming in a pool aren’t caused by chlorine. It is caused by urine.

Red and Irritated Eyes after Swimming is Due to urine

50. Psychologists say that, if a friendship lasts longer than 7 years then it will last a lifetime.

Seven Years of Frienship is for Lifelong

49. There is a plant that is able to simultaneously produce both tomatoes and potatoes, cleverly named as the “Ketchup ‘n’ Fries” plant.

Tomato and Potato Tree

48. 100-year-old Lil and 102-year-old Jane were neighbors when they first met in 1945. Today, they are BFFs who have enjoyed over 71 years of a long friendship.

71 years of long friendship of Lil and Jane

47. San Francisco’s 16th Ave Tiled Steps are covered in mosaic tiles that look awesome during the day but transform beautifully with the reflection of the moonlight.

Beautiful San Francisco's 16th Ave Tiled Steps

46. Japan’s Okinawa Island has more than 450 people living above the age of 100 and is known as the healthiest place on Earth.

Japan's Okinawa Island is the Healthiest Place

45. The male brain is 10% bigger than female’s but works more efficiently.

Male Brain is 10% Bigger Than Female's

44. Yawning doesn’t always necessarily mean you’re tired, it also means your body needs more oxygen.

Yawning is not only Means Tired But Need For Oxigen

43. The Great Pyramid of Giza contains enough stone to make an almost 2 ft high wall around the Earth.

The Great Pyramid of Giza

42. There was a woman named Veronica Seider who had vision 20x better than average. She could identify people more than a mile away.

Veronica Seider 20x Better Vision

41. Men and women who listen to similar music tend to be better communicators and have longer lasting relationships.

Men and Women Listening to Similar Music Are Better Communicators

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