10 Unusual British Traditions

Customs are being passed to us right from the Stone Age, but a stage today where majority of us don’t tend to accept in many regions across the globe. Further, adding to the point Brits are most advanced in terms of technology, who have conquered many other countries in the past. But, they too have been following certain tradition that will definitely boggle your mind. Here, we have listed the 10 unusual British tradition that are actually bizarre in real life.

10. World Gurning Championship

World Gurning Championship

Turn your face to be one of the weirdest by gurning and win the championship. Facial expression should be made in a way where the lower jaw is took forward by covering the upper lip portion. There is no perfect reason for the origin of gurning championship. Winners are mostly the ones with no teeth because the jaw movement becomes very easy and facilitates in hassle-free gurn. Most of the contestants tend to make weird faces and frame their photos at a remembrance from the event.

9. Bun Throwing

Bun Throwing

It is considered as an iconic event in Abingdon, where huge amount of buns are thrown on the gathered mob. Usually takes place when the town council during the voting sessions. The first bun throwing culture was initiated in 1761 as a celebration against King George III. About 4500 buns are thrown from atop of Mayor Council and the gathered crowd celebrates with intense pleasure.

8. Pearly Kings and Queens

Pearly Kings and Queens

Also referred as “Pearlies” is one of the biggest tradition followed in London. It mainly involve couples dressed in black and silver clothes with unique designs representing kings and queens. The dresses are featured with pearls stitched allover in silver designs, which is being followed since 19th century. This is followed as a remembrance of Henry Croft, who was an orphan, collected money for charity. He chose pearls to drag attention of people around for funding for the charity purposes.

7. Tar Barrels

Tar Barrels

Takes place every year in Ottery St Mary in England, which is 16 km away from Exeter. Tar barrels tradition was started about 400 years ago, where the people of England from different regions gather at a place for bonfires and burn crackers. Very weird and unusual is when they try burning the crackers on a Guy Fawkes. Not to be taken lightly since the real tar barrels will be used during the reckless celebration. The custom is followed as a result of failed attempt to assassinate the British monarch. Further, the festival will not be suitable for people who love staying away from wild activities and dangerous fire attempts.

6. Bog Snorkeling Championship

Bog Snorkeling Championship

Bog snorkeling is considered quick hard sporting event, where the competitors are made to swim along the cut through watery portion peat bog. Today, the sport is considered as one of the renowned in United Kingdom and takes places every year as a part of championship program. Started in 1976 in Wales, as a result of quarrel between Gordon Green and a few regulars. The cut through portion in the middle of peat bog will be at a stretch of about 60 yards and two laps are put forwards as finish line for the competitors. Fastest one completing the race will be crowned as the winner.

5. Mayor of High Wycombe

Mayor of High Wycombe

Very weird when I personally heard it for the first time, where in the Mayor and all his officers are weighed every year. There were a lot connection with weighing and the Mayor’s election in England. “Tolling out and Weighing-in” was the custom used by the people of England in Mayor’s election. A very awkward custom where the mayor is taunted and jeered in case if there is a weight gain in the respective year. Historically, they are punished with rotten fruits and tomatoes on them.

4. Morris Dancing

Morris Dancing

Morris Dancing is considered as a unique dancing method followed by British, where the dancers wear bell pads on their shins. The dance was first originated in London during 1448, which involve musical play along the dance. It is hardly competitive and the word Morris refers to “set” or “team”. Pairs in line dance facing each other holding a clay pipe with alternate foot lighting from the ground.

3. Wife Carrying

Wife Carrying

Seems to be very funny to carry their wives till the finish line to win the competition. The event takes place in Dorking town, where the men carry their wives for a 360m stretch on a rugged watery or bushy surface. Being considered as one of the unusual tradition right since 2008 in England. Additionally, To take part in the event, respective wives must weigh a minimum of 50 Kg and the ones lagging are compelled to wear helmets and beans to equivalent the eligible weight.

2. Worm Charming

Worm Charming

Most of us today are very scared of worms and insects, however Brits catch worms as a part of tradition. In 2009, a 10 year old Sophie Smith was capable of raising 567 worms in the British worm charming championship. Additionally, Over 600 people take part in the event with each ones intention to collect the maximum worms possible. The contestants are divided into groups and will be allocated with certain area of land to fetch the worms. Malpractice is highly not recommended in the competition, which can fetch a life ban from being participated.

1. Cheese Rolling

Cheese Rolling

Cheese Rolling is one of the weirdest traditions in the world followed by Britek. To be very honest, most of us would have rolled in our young age on a slope from top hill. Similarly, Cheese Rolling is traditionally referred as “The Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake”, where the contestants are prized with Double Gloucester Cheese at the finish line. As the name says, the Cheese Rolling takes place on the Cooper’s hill and hence the name. Competitors fled at a speed of 70 mph from the start line, who are capable of knocking the spectators at a single shot.

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