10 Fastest Birds In The World

We are all much aware that the fastest mode of transport is the flight. Similarly, while considering the animals, the birds happens to be the fastest animal in terms of speed. Most of the animals use their speed as a primary weapon to either target the prey or escape from predators. Additionally, scientists have discovered about 10,000 bird species from across the globe. Out of which, we have a genuine filter on fastest birds among the bird species to get you the best 10. Here, we have come up with the 10 fastest birds in the world, which are at blazing speed.

10. Grey-headed Albatross, 79 mph

Grey headed Albatross

Grey-headed albatross is one of the fast-moving birds in the world to grab the tenth spot. Also recognized as “grey-headed mollymawk”, it is a seabird residing majorly in Southern Ocean. Further, by the name, the head of the bird is tinted grey in color. Having a wingspan of 2.2 meters in length, it can storm at a speed of 79 mph. Mollymawks spend their lives on ocean waters most of its life, so they consist of salt glands to overcome excess salt in the body.

9. Gyrfalcon, 80 mph


Gyrfalcon is considered the largest among the falcon species. The bird is also recognized as “Gyr”. Distributed in the islands of northern North America, Europe and Asia. The color pattern on the wings resemble like a marble like pattern with black and white conics. Additionally, these patterns and colorations are recognized as morphs. Further, being said that they are the largest among falcon birds, they are good hunting birds too. The gyrfalcons basically target birds like ptarmigan and waterfowl. Their intent of combat would be to hit the ground rather than clashing in the air. While they are hunting for their hunger, they can bruise up to a speed of 80 mph.

8. Red Breasted Merganser, 81 mph

Red Breasted Merganser

Red breasted merganser, by the name, consists of a red protruding chest in the front, which happens to be the primary recognition for the bird. It is a diving duck widely spread across Europe, Asia, northern North America and Greenland. Can you just imagine the bird was once recorded moving at 100 mph from a plane? To be very strange and interesting, the diving duck can blaze at an average speed of 81 mph. With high speed, the merganser diving ducks are faster in catching sea fish, small insects and frogs.

7. Spur-winged Goose, 88 mph

Spur winged Goose

Spur-winged goose is a variety of shelducks and geese, residing majorly in parts of wetlands in sub-Saharan Africa. The bird is basically considered dangerous if eaten, as it consists of poison due to its diet. Additionally, the consisting poisons is acquired by eating blister beetles, which consists of cantharidin poison. If the bird consists of over 10 mg of cantharidin, then its going to be a pure life causing agent for humans if consumed. Alright now in terms of speed, the spur-winged gooses can sprint to a top speed of about 88 mph, as they consist of powerful wings. They are considered one of the largest wild goose in the world, with average wingspan of 200 cm in length.

6. Rock Dove, 92.5 mph

Rock Dove

I always wondered the speed of a pigeon, but never expected that it could swift at a speed of 92.5 mph. The pigeon that we see in our day-to-day life are recognized as rock dove or common pigeon. These pigeons can flap their wings to touch a speed of 92.5 mph. The distribution of this bird is restricted in western and southern Europe, South Asia and North Africa. The rock doves are one of the birds to bag the oldest fossil evidence to be originated about three hundred thousand years ago. With an intense population of about 17-28 million counts just in Europe, they happen to be one of the largest in terms of bird population. Further, they tend to fly in the residential areas and at quite low range.

5. Frigate Bird, 95 mph

Frigate Bird

Frigate bird, also recognized as frigate or frigate bird, is very different in terms of appearances. The male bird consists of a red gular pouch, which seem to be used to attract the female ones during breeding. The female ones have the white underbellies as the counterpart to attract males. The frigate birds are one among the bird species to be spread across the tropical and subtropical oceans. Something weird to note that they tend to steal other seabirds for food. In terms of their fleet, the frigate bird can travel up to a speed of 95 mph. The speed is relatively fast due to the wing-body weight ration. The wings of the bird are so large that they can easily lift their body with burden. Further, with these extreme wings, they are powerful prey catcher in the sea. Some of the sea-animals they target are squid and sea fish.

4. Eurasian Hobby, 100 mph

Eurasian Hobby

Eurasian hobby is a lovely little bird which happens to be generally slim in terms of body structure. Also, recognized as “Falco” in Greek, which refers to the claws. Further, the Eurasian hobby reside majorly in parts of Europe, Asia and Africa. Basically, they are migrants of long-distance. And report about them suggest that they normally tend to lay eggs miles away and travel at different location seamlessly. As they are one among the long-distance migrants, logically their speed as well should be blazing enough right! Of course, the speed at which they travel is at bolting speed of 100 mph. They have incredibly powerful wings that helps them catch other birds and insects on the go.

3. White-throated Needletail Swift, 105 mph

White throated Needletail Swift

The white-throat needletail swift is a rare bird found in Wester Europe and some parts of Great Britain, Sweden and Norway. Incredible in terms of speed, the bird can thunder at a speed of 105 mph. Also recognized as “needle-tailed swift”, the bird tends to always hit the air, rather than spending maximum time resting on ground. Just by the name, bird’s tail resembles like a needle’s end. With body weight of just about 120 grams, the bird can go flawlessly on air with almost no friction.

2. Golden Eagle, 200 mph

Golden Eagle

Ever wondered the power of eager? The eagles are not just efficient in flying above the clouds, but are also fast while their fleet. The golden eagle is the fastest bird among the eagle species, which reside majorly in the Northern Hemisphere. Additionally, they are also known for wonderful capabilities in catching the preys. The feet of the golden eagles are as much powerful to drag an adult goat. But to its incredible speed, the eagles can grab even some of the fast-moving animals on ground such as rabbits, marmots, and ground squirrels. While considering its speed, the bird can reach a max speed of 200 mph. While they are not back of chasing any animals, the speed maintained by them are at just about 30 mph.

1. Peregrine Falcon, 242 mph

Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine falcon is by far the fastest animal in the world. With a fleet capacity of about 242 mph, the bird is majorly recognized for the intensive speed at which they travel. Can you just imagine that the bird travels faster than some of the Superbikes like Kawasaki Ninja? Incredible isn’t it! Additionally, the speed courtesy goes to the National Geographic to grab the bird at its highest measured speed of 242 mph. Peregrine cannot be just in Polar region, but otherwise are to be seen in almost all regions across the globe.