10 Most Luxurious Shopping Malls in the World

The lifestyle of mankind has changed to more than what one can imagine thousands of years ago. Now people use money, gold, and technology to lead a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. Everything has changed in the luxury sector. Rich people are looking for luxury travel, luxury shopping, luxury clothing and luxury on everything. Luxury is something more than one’s need for basic amenities. There has been a steep increase in luxury shopping malls around the world. Which are those most expensive shopping malls in the world to shop? Here goes the list of ten most luxurious shopping malls in the world.

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10. Shangri-La Plaza, Philippines

Shangri-La Plaza

This is one of the most luxurious malls in Asia located in Mandaluyong, Philippines. The shopping mall opened in 1991 has more than 300 shops in its 8 floors of main mall and 10+ floors in the north wing of the mall. The mall has a huge list of luxury brands, local and international restaurants. The mall also has five states of the art movie theaters. The Rustan’s department store features many upscale boutique brands in its 4 levels.

9. Beverly Center, Los Angeles

Beverly Center

Beverly Center in Los Angeles is one of the most luxurious shopping malls in the world and in America. The mall is a monolithic eight-story structure with more than 160 plus stores and boutiques. The mall features luxury brands such as Gucci, Victoria’s Secret, Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton and many more. The mall has a thick culture in the American televisions and movies. The mall opened in 1982 that boasted to be the only one in the USA to have 14 multiplexes. The mall’s rooftop offers a panoramic view of the Hollywood Hills, Downtown Los Angeles, and the Los Angeles Westside.

8. The Grand Canal Shoppes – Las Vegas, USA

The Grand Canal Shoppes Las Vegas

Las Vegas in the United States is a place of luxury gambling, hotels, and casinos. The Grand Canal Shoppes is no exception. The luxury mall in Las Vegas is located inside The Venetian Hotel & Casino. The mall opened up to the public in 1991 with indoor canals to commute inside the mall. The mall has some of the most luxurious brands and stores from all over the world. The mall is anchored by the flagship, high-fashion Barneys New York store. The store contains many luxury boutique brands. Live performances can be found throughout the mall. The mall is known to bring more than 25 million visitors each year. Ann Taylor, Sephora and Banana Republic are some of the renowned brands found in the mall.

7. Melbourne’s GPO, Australia

Melbourne's GPO

Melbourne’s GPO was redeveloped and converted into a luxury shopping destination in the year 2004. Melbourne’s GPO is a shopping arcade situated in the center of Melbourne’s Central Business District. This mall was designed during the Victorian era and the architecture and interiors are breath-taking. Even after its recreation, the interiors and style of the building haven’t been damaged. This classical building used as the city’s post office was built-in 1867. Now the post office has been shifted to a nearby place from the mall. The mall now houses many luxury brands and retails from around the world. The mall is now listed as a heritage structure in Australia.

6. West Edmonton Mall, Canada

West Edmonton Mall Canada

As of 2015, West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada is the largest mall in North America. It serves 800+ shops and services in its 3-floor commercial spaces. Apart from being a top-notch luxury shopping center, the mall also provides entertainment like the Galaxyland, World Waterpark, Mayfield Toyota Ice Palace, Sea Life Caverns, Professor WEM’s Adventure Golf, Ed’s Recreation Centre and many movie theaters. The mall also has themed areas such as the Bourbon Street, Europa Boulevard and Chinatown. Some of the luxury stores at the mall include La Maison Simons, Victoria’s Secret and Hugo Boss.

5. Mall of America, USA

Mall of America

Mall of America is the largest mall in the United States as of 2015 and is top-notch in the luxury shopping experience in the country. Some the top highlights of the mall include Nickelodeon Universe indoor theme park with roller coaster, Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium, an exhibition such as Star TrekBarbie: The Dreamhouse Experience and CSI: The Experience. The mall is known to have appeared in the Christmas movie Jingle All the Way. This luxury mall is owned by Triple Five Group and brings more than 40 million visitors annually. The Lego Store in the mall is the longest standing Mall attraction. Some of the notable stores in the mall include Hard Rock Cafe, Verizon destination store, Apple store, Microsoft store, American Girl Doll store, and Planet Hollywood.

4. Villagio Mall, Doha, Qatar

Villagio Mall Doha

Villagio Mall in Doha, Qatar is a luxury mall that opened in the year 2006. The mall houses some of the top inline luxury brands and stores. The interiors of the mall are Italianate themed. The mall also contains an indoor theme park known as the Gondolania Theme Park. The indoor theme park houses Gondolania Ice Rink, one of two ice hockey rinks in Qatar, which is the home of the Qatar Ice Hockey League and the regional Desert Cup tournament. The mall also has a boat ride facility inside that gives a breath-taking view during the ride. One of the best luxury malls to try when you visit Qatar.

3. The Galleria, Italy

The Galleria Italy

The Galleria is also known as the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, is one of the oldest shopping malls in the world. It is also one of the most luxurious shopping malls in Europe. Not only the mall is old but houses a range of luxury shops and retailers for jewelry, fashion products, and haute couture. This landmark architecture was built between 1865 and 1877. The mall consists of four stories full of luxury boutiques, bars, and cafes. It has inspired the use of the term “galleria” for many other shopping arcades and malls around the world.

2. Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

Mall of the Emirates

Mall of the Emirates in Dubai was named as the World’s Leading New Shopping Mall at the World Travel Awards in London in 2005. This is the first mall in the Middle East to house an indoor ski resort and snow park known as the Ski Dubai. This luxury shopping center houses more than 700 stores in its 4 story building. In 2013, the mall announced a multistage redevelopment project worth an estimated AED 1 billion (the US $274 million). In 2012, the mall was ranked number 7 for being the most productive shopping mall in the world. The mall also houses a five-star hotel from Kempinski.

1. The Dubai Mall, Dubai

Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is the world’s largest shopping mall with 1200 luxury shops. The size of this largest mall is 5,400,000 sq ft. It has the record of being the world’s most visited mall and luxury destination with more than 80 million visitors annually. This luxury mall was delayed multiple times and finally opened on 8 May 2009 with a parking capacity of more than 14,000. The mall is known to house some of the world’s most luxurious brands such as Canali, Rolex, Revoli, Victoria’s Secret and many more.


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