10 Horrifying Beaches In The World

Beaches can produce the greatest wanderlust in terms of relaxation, fun, and chill outs. We get to see many fun activities that are going up across the seashore. Beaches are the major contributors when trips and outings are into consideration.

There are a few beaches which can probably be life-threatening. Many of us are fond of surfing in the sea and near the seashore. The beaches listed below are highly not recommended for your vacation if the water is chosen as your vacation plan.

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10. Copacabana (Brazil)


Copacabana, located in Rio de Janeiro, is one of the most beautiful as well as the most dangerous beaches in the world. There are no attacks from sharks, jellyfishes or any other animals. The currents are as well pretty fine when compared to other beaches. But the weird fact is the crimes happening at this beach now and then are highly increasing, which makes the beach to be included in the most dangerous beaches in the world. Anything left in the beach can vanish just in a blink of time, so is recommended any item not to be kept on the beach.

9. Gansbaai (South Africa)

Gansbaai (South Africa)

Gansbaai is home for a huge number of mighty white beast sharks makes the beach one of the most famous in the world. Gansbaai is the most recognized beach for shark cage diving, which is recommended to adventurers. Surfing on this beach would be highly challenging due to white sharks, however, protection cages are provided to prevent attacks from sharks. If you pretend to go forward without safety cages, there are fewer chances of you returning back to the beach.

8. Fraser Island (Australia)

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is one of the most beautiful islands in the world; however, it is banned to people due to attacks by jellyfish and sharks. The beach gives a heavenly feel but is not worth taking the risk due to these dangerous animals. There is a high probability of us getting bitten by the world’s dangerous spiders that are found in Fraser Island. Apart from these deadly creatures, the beach is known for strong rip currents.  Crocodile and dingoes are as well encounter by the visitors, being one of the creepiest beaches in the world.

7. New Symrna Beach (US)

New Symrna Beach

New Symrna Beach is located in Florida and is one of the most reputed beaches in the world for its beauty. The beach is highly dangerous due to shark attacks and is increasing day by day. Symrna Beach is recognized as “Shark Attack Capital of the World” in Guinness Book of World Records. There have been about 240 attacks by sharks and about 112 deaths in 2007. The situation of shark attacks is increasing drastically and is highly recommended not to surf at this beach.

6. Playa Zipolite (Mexico)

Playa Zipolite

Playa Zipolite is located in the southern coast of Oaxaca state in Mexico, which is considered as one of the deadliest and horrifying beaches in the world. The beach is recognized as “The beach of the dead” that symbolizes the dangers to human life. The beach is nowhere related to any animal attacks but is deadly due to life-threatening underwater currents. The underwater currents can kill any professional swimmer at a single shot. Playa Zipolite attracts many tourist visitors thought the beach comes under the most dangerous beaches in the world.

5. Chowpatty Beach (India)

Chowpatty Beach

Chowpatty Beach, located in Mumbai, has become a dump yard since 2011. The beach is so polluted that entering into the water would result in dangerous and deadly disease. It is considered as the world’s most polluted beach since entire waste produced by Mumbai city ends up at this location. Until 2011, the water quality in Chowpatty beach was considerably better. In 2011, about 60,000 metric tons of coal was disposed near the beach leading to immense pollution to the sea water. The beach was supposed to be a picnic spot is now completely filled with debris and stench.

4. Bikini Atoll – Marshall Islands (US)

Bikini Atoll Marshall Islands

Bikini Atoll is located in the northern Pacific Ocean and is also recognized as the Marshall Islands. This area was used by the US for testing nuclear weapons, which has led to a terrifying impact on the environment. There have been about 20-25 nuclear bombs that were set on these islands, since 1946. The impact due to nuclear radiation led to the evacuation of former inhabitants at this location. Though the area is declared safe by the government, there is a high probability of us getting infected by harmful nuclear radiation.

3. Kilauea (US)

Kilauea hawaii

Kilauea is one of the eight islands of Hawaii, which is located in northeastern shore of Kauai. We all, as usual, consider something to be dangerous from the sea creatures, but sarcastically that is not the situation in Kilauea. Kilauea is one of the most beautiful beaches on earth but is dangerous due to horrifying hot lava that fuses from a nearby mountain into the ocean. The sand in Kilauea beach appears to be black in color, which is nothing but volcanic lava and ashes that can probably hurt you to the core if stepped on it. The volcano situated very next to the beach is erupting since 1983 and there have been many instances of shark attacks as well.

2. The Red Triangle (US)

The Red Triangle

The Red Triangle as the name says is roughly a triangle-shaped off the coast of northern California. The Red Triangle coastline hosts about 11% of great white sharks, which have caused the major attacks to human lives. The beach is always heavily populated and most enjoy surfing on this beach, however, it is not recommended to do because of the deadly white sharks. Though, there is a drastic percentage of sharks along the seashore, sighting of sharks are very rare.

1. Northern Territory & Queensland (Australia)


Northern Territory & Queensland is considered as the most dangerous beaches in the world. The beach is located in the southern part of Tiwi Island, which is highly not recommended for trips and holiday vacations. Swimming at this beach is prohibited due to shark attacks, venomous jellyfishes and snakes. The most contribution to the kills in the past are from the jellyfishes, however, we would think they are pretty in terms of looks. But they are the major killer machine and the deadliest at Queensland Island.  There have been about 70 fatalities since 1883 only due to these venomous jellyfishes. The stings are so lethal that some victims suffer a cardiac arrest before they reach the seashore.

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