12 Top Secret Places Owned by the U.S. Government

The USA is a known superpower today, with extreme military capabilities, and defense secrets, operations, and conspiracies. There is so much to be hidden by such superpowers so that such technologies, resources, machines, and weapons do not go into the wrong hands. So where are these top-secret places owned by the U.S. Government? There must be a place, a building, into the dense forest, or dungeons or underground caves and bunkers.

Most of the secrets maintained by the U.S. government are focused around its defense, be it nuclear or weapon R&D. Though some of you might have seen these places on Google maps, photographs on the internet or even worked at these locations, but the majority of the people do not know what exactly happens at these places and what functions are carried out at these locations. These places are inaccessible or prohibited from the common public. These places are heavily guarded and people do not have direct access. We shall explore some of the top-secret places owned or jointly owned by the U.S. Government in this article.

The list of top 12 secret places owned by the U.S. Government:

12. Chocolate Mountain Aerial Gunnery Range

Purpose & Location: Aerial Gunnery Training Area near Arizona and California

 Chocolate Mountain Aerial Gunnery Range

Chocolate Mountain Aerial Gunnery Range is an area of the U.S. military where aerial gunning and bombings are carried out for training purposes. This area was created during World War II, as there was a need for an area for such gunning and bombing practices. This area is restricted to the public and comes under the jurisdiction of both U.S. Navy and Marines. The airspace in parts of both Arizona and California are restricted and monitored by the military. There is also a controversy which says, the Chocolate Mountains is the house of the world’s largest gold mines not known to many.

11. Hangar 18

Purpose & Location: A Secure Hanger at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio

Hangar 18

Hangar 18 from the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is a secure hangar of the U.S. Air Force which supposedly houses many UFO activities and is also considered to a UFO warehouse. Hangar 18 in Ohio is considered to be the house of all the UFO crash materials, debris, aliens and cryogenic materials. There is no such evidence on this. This can be even a myth. But, the common public does not have access to this location and is considered a top-secret location in the U.S.

10. Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay

Purpose & Location: Protected Naval Base in Georgia

Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay

Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay is a naval submarine base of the United States in Georgia. This submarine base covers an area of 16,000 acres, out of which 4000 acres is a protected wetland. Many ballistic nuclear missiles are developed at this location. This location is a secure location of the US Government due to its defense housings.

9. Hawthorne Army Depot

Purpose & Location: U.S. Ammunition Storage Location in Nevada

Hawthorne Army Depot

Though Hawthorne Army Depot is considered just a U.S. ammunition storage depot of the U.S. military, where ammunition is created, tested and deployed, but there is also something secretly done at Walker Lake. The secret at Walker Lake is an underground Navy Submarine base. As you pass through Hawthorne, you can see signs which read ‘Naval Undersea Warfare Center’. Officially, Walker Lake is 500 ft deep, which is suitable for a Naval Submarine base? That is a big question and a secret.

8. Camp David

Purpose & Location: A Retreat Location for President of U.S. in Maryland

Camp David

Camp David is a peculiar location for this list. Because, this location is not a military bunker, ammunition storehouse or any research facility, but serves as a country retreat for the President of the United States. Catoctin Mountain Park map doesn’t disclose the location of Camp David due to security and privacy reasons. This location is inaccessible to the general public. Camp Davis is a retreat center for President of US.

7. Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center

Purpose & Location: High profile civilian command center in Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia

Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center

Mount Weather, VA, November 07, 2007– Aerial of Mount Weather, Virginia. (OFFICIAL FEMA PHOTO/Karen Nutini)

Similar to the Site R, the Mount Weather is an emergency operations center but for the high-profile civilians like the president of the United States. This serves as a hideout or safety bunkers underground during national disasters such as the usage of nuclear weapons in the country. FEMA National Radio System (FNARS) is controlled from Mount Weather, which is used as an Emergency Alert System. This is used to connect with most of the federal public and U.S. military by the President.

6. Cheyenne Mountain Complex

Purpose & Location: Nuclear Bunker located in Colorado

Cheyenne Mountain Complex

Cheyenne Mountain Complex is a mysterious location of the United States’ military installations. Though you can only see the entrance of this installation, you may wonder what exactly happens in these mountains. You may need special permissions and approvals from the United States Government to get into the Cheyenne Mountain complex.

5. Site R or Raven Rock Mountain Complex

Purpose & Location: Military Installation with an Underground Nuclear Bunker in Pennsylvania

Site R or Raven Rock Mountain Complex

A stylish name is not just the thing about this location, but ‘Site R’ is also called Raven Rock Mountain Complex serves as an ‘underground’ Pentagon for the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force. Site R is not just from Fallout 3. This location is considered to be an emergency operations center for Army, Navy and Air Force. This underground bunker is considered having hi-tech communication networks, and defense mechanisms.

4. Kirtland Air Force Base

Purpose & Location: Underground Nuclear Weapon Storage in New Mexico, United States

Kirtland Air Force Base

On July 1, 1971, Sandia Base and Manzano Base, which are one of the topmost secret bases for atomic researches, developments, and training bases during the World War II, were merged into Kirtland Air Force Base. The atomic and nuclear tests conducted at these locations are considered to be the United States top-secret projects and tests. Through the century, there have been many secret projects, missions, experiments and tests that have been conducted at these two locations. Now, Kirtland Air Force Base is used as an underground nuclear weapon storage facility. The common public does not have access to these locations in the Kirtland Air Force base.

3. Dugway Proving Ground

Purpose & Location: U.S. Army Facility near Utah

Dugway Proving Ground-3

Image credit: George Frey/AFP/Getty Image

Dugway Proving Ground (DPG) is a secure and isolated facility of the U.S. Army located approximately 85 miles southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah. The area covers an enormous 801,505 acres. The Lincoln Highway which passes through Dugway Proving Ground is closed to the public. Biological and chemical weapons are tested at this location.

2. Dulce Base

Purpose & Location: Underground Alien Facility in New Mexico

Dulce Base

Dulce Base is an underground alien base, where experiments on aliens are conducted. This secret location is located on the Colorado-New Mexico border under Archuleta Mesa in New Mexico, United States. There is no evidence whatsoever those experiments on aliens and other UFO activities at these locations are real. Dulce base has been portrayed in many fictions like Area 51 novels and in the 2012 video game Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. We really do not have any proofs whether alien activities are conducted at his base or not.

1. Area 51

Purpose & Location: Air Base in Nevada

Area 51 Air Base

Area 51, also known as Dreamland is considered to be the United States Air Force facility based in Nevada. Though, people know this base as an Air Force facility, the actual purpose of this base is still unknown. This base is one of the top-secret of the U.S. Although, this base was never been declared as a secret base by the Government, all the researches happening at this location is/are a Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI). The runways and Groom Lake are highly secure and restricted areas at Area 51. Area 51, considered to have many entrances is supposedly conducting many UFO activities underground.


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  1. Pat McGroyne says:

    I don’t see a publication date on this “article”, but the Hangar 18 photo is NOT from WPAFB. It is a fairly old shot of Groom Lake/Area 51. Hangar 18 doesn’t even exist at WPAFB any longer. “Dulce Base” is pure fiction as well. Using a stock photo of a tunnel does not prove a damn thing. May I suggest more Youtube for your facts?

  2. Casper Ghost says:

    Okay. One. I’ve BEEN to that Mesa and if you can explain why there are massive air ducts and antennae on top and on the sides of that mesa, I’d be willing to hear you out.
    Search out the tribe that resides close to the mesa and you might get a tour, as well.