Top 10 Tech Blogs in the World

Nothing in this world is possible without technology today. Technology is changing every day and so is the information about it on the Internet. Technology is a very vast field to blog as it is loved by tech geeks; people are looking for new technology trends and searching for tech solutions. At a high paced technological advancements and innovations, it has become necessary for the common man and all the business entities to keep updated to the latest technologies.

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It is difficult to follow the big list of tech blogs out there. So who are those big shots in the technology space to follow? Which are the best and top technology blogs in the world? We have created a quick list of top 10 tech blogs in the world to follow right away.

10. 9to5mac

9to5mac Tech Blog

9to5mac was launched in the year 2007 by Seth Weintraub from his Paris apartment. Today the blog has grown into a revolutionary piece of statue for Apple and Mac news. The blog gets more than half a million page views daily. Now the blog is influencing the tech community and is an authority in the Mac IT development field.

9. Engadget

Engadget Tech Blog

Engadget is a technology blog founded in the year 2004 and is owned by AoL. The blog receives nearly 20 plus million page views every month. Engadget is a blog and news site for gadgets, technology, consumer electronics, gadget reviews, gaming and everything technology. The blog was ranked in the top 5 of the technology blogs in Technorati and was considered as the best blog in the TIME magazine.

8. Gizmodo

Gizmodo Tech Blog

Gizmodo is a blog dedicated to gadgets, tech devices and everything technology. The blog was founded in the year 2002 and now the blog receives traffic of more than 20 million page views every month. The blog had a good authority on gadgets, mobile phones, wearable technology, science, gadget reviews, Smartphone reviews, news, science and software.

7. GigaOM

GigaOM Tech Blog

GigaOM is a leading global technology media content publishing blog with more than 6.5 million monthly unique visitors. GigaOM was founded in the year 1996 by Om Malik, an Indian-American technology writer. Today GigaOM is placed in the top 100 blogs on CNET. The blog publishes trending contents on technology, data, digital media, cloud and news.

6. Computerworld Blogs

Computerworld Tech Blog

Computerworld blogs is a tech influencer for nearly 50 years. Computerworld was founded in the year 1967. Now the blog has enormous amount of page views. The traffic is more than 30 million page views every month. The blog updates on topics like business, technology news, cloud, IT industry, gadgets, and much more. This blog is definitely an authoritative blog to be followed by all tech enthusiasts.

5. Wired

Wired Tech Blog

Wired magazine is similar to the Mashable blog as the Wired magazine blogs on different topics like entertainment, technology and business. They are experts in the technology blogging space as they have a huge list of quality articles and news on the topic. This American blog is publishing quality tech resources from 1993. This blog gets more than 20 million page views every month and the readership of the blog is of high quality.

4. Mashable – Founded 2005

Mashable Tech Blog

Mashable brings you the best in cutting-edge technologies and tech trends from all around the world. Mashable is a reputed blog that updates with new and latest digital media contents, technologies and entertainment. Mashable brings in surplus of 40 million unique visitors per month. Mashable has more than 20 million social network followers for their website. Mashable is not just a tech blog, but they are great on the subject.

3. CNET – Founded 1994

Cnet Tech Blog

CNET is an American media publishing website with more than 21 million page-views every month. CNET was founded in 1994 and was acquired by CBS Interactive later in 2008. CNET covers a wide range of topics on technology such as reviews, trends, gadgets, articles, blogs, news, videos, podcasts, how-to and consumer electronics. CNET also offers a section to download software and tools. If you are a technology addict, this website is the right place as CNET lives and breathes technology.

2. ZDNet – Founded 1991

ZDNet Tech Blog

ZDNet is a 24/7 technology news blog with more than 20 million page views every month. They bring coverage from many spaces of technology ranging from reviews and IT industry to technology trends to gadgets. ZDNet was started in the year 1991 by CBS Interactive which also owns the rival technology news blog the CNET. ZDNet is a great website to keep in touch with the latest happenings in the tech industry.

1. TechCrunch – Founded 2005

Techcrunch Tech Blog

TechCrunch is an award-winning tech blog, which gets nearly 21 million page-views every month from tech entrepreneurs, developers, geeks, start-up fans, business people and more. TechCrunch gets more than 5 million unique visitors from only the US tech industry and it is considered as the #1 blog for start-up and investment news from around the world.

TechCrunch is also a leading technology media publishing blog for tech start-ups and breaking news on technology. TechCrunch is known to conduct many tech events, contests and conferences worldwide to encourage tech enthusiasts and the tech minds. In 2011, TechCrunch was acquired by AoL making the network more popular and established.


Vinod Suthersan is an young tech enthusiast, Blogger addict, Internet craze and thriving to learn new things on the world of Internet.