10 Technology Devices that will Change the World

Technology is growing at a faster pace than we can imagine off. We are in the midst of a technological revolution, where high-end wearable gadgets are becoming a centre of attraction and cloaking devices are being developed for the military. Not just that, our homes can now transform itself based on your commands and there are technologies that can track your brain activity as well.

There has been way too much advancements in technology every day, which is trying to change the way we live. Did you expect there would be smart watches and transparent screens some twenty years back? The human being is constantly in search of new inventions and innovations in the field of smart devices. Smartphones changed the world, 3D Televisions have changed our life, 3D printing is a reality, robotics has changed our life, and the list goes on.

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In this article, we have listed few of the amazing technology devices that will change the world, most possibly in another decade or so.

10. Holographic Television

 Holographic Television

Holographic display is a display technology which uses electroholography for recording and reconstructing objects in 3D, which has the ability to provide all four eye mechanisms namely, motion parallax, binocular disparity, accommodation and convergence. But, we know holographic projections as a reality only in movies like Iron Man and Avengers. What if this kind of holographic televisions becoming a reality? In 2008, scientists have developed the first rewritable and erasable holographic images. This technology is expected to be available in 2020 at the cost of the current 3D televisions. The Holographic television would help unfold your favorite movies, sports and shows right in your living room, making the most enjoyable experience.

9. XStat Syringe Non-absorbable, expandable, hemostatic sponge.

XStat syringe

As traditional first-aid packing of wounds in a battle is difficult and time-consuming, where blood lost is huge. XStat Syringe is a small syringe used in emergency to seal gunshot and shrapnel wounds in 15 seconds by injecting sponges that can expand 10 times their original size in seconds and stops bleeding. Not only does it stop oozing blood, but also stabilizes the patient so that he can be moved to a hospital. This device is a blessing to people who are wounded in road accidents and battles. US military has already started using XStat Syringe.

8. SCiO Molecular Sensor- A Pocket Molecular Sensor for All

SCiO Molecular Sensor

Imagine, if you can easily find out the calories in your favorite burger, or the amount of fat in the ham. SCiO molecular Sensor is just the size of a cigarette lighter, which fits easily in your palm allowing you to sense through the chemical compositions of food items, plants, medicines and more. SCiO is a device which learns from the world around us, meaning the more data you feed the device, the more it learns. The data scanned by this spectrometer is sent to the smartphone and are stored in a database for smart analysis.

7. Mind-reading Device

Mind-reading Device

At University of California-Berkeley, a group of neuroscience researchers led by Brian Paisley and Robert Knight have developed technologies that can translate electric brain impulses into words. Neuroscientists have developed a device which uses this technology to listen to inner thoughts and silent speech within the mind to readable words. The future to reading minds will be reality soon, mostly in another decade. This device would help the patients in coma and for people with speech impairments to communicate with people around them easily.

6. Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System – Artifical Retina

Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System

Argus II is one of the greatest inventions in the medical history. A Retinal Prosthesis System, also known as “bionic eye” is an electronic retinal implant manufactured by the American company Second Sight. Argus II is the second version of Argus Retinal Prosthesis System, which is designed to improve eye sights of people suffering from a disease known as retinitis pigmentosa. Argus II consists of eye-mounted video-recorder with a processor and a retinal implant. Argus II captures and records images as seen by the patient and is sent back to the user’s visual receptors and to the retina. Using Argus II patients can start to recognize simple objects and other object movements.

5. Skully- Smart Helmet

Skully Smart Helmet

Skully is an advancement and adaptation from Google Glass technologies, which should currently be the smartest helmet in the world. Skully is a smart helmet, which focuses on minimizing road accidents and distractions by giving the rider a live blindspot camera view connected with GPS and smart awareness system. Skully uses heads-up display, a rear facing camera and can be controlled by voice commands. Skully uses Android Operating System, with Bluetooth facility and live streaming of music from your smartphones.

4. Google Glass- A wearable ubiquitous computing device

Google Glass

Google Glass is a wearable technology from Google Inc., which lets you view information like on a smartphone hands-free using another technology known as Augmented Reality. The glass is similar to normal eyeglass; expect that it has a heads-up display using a technology known as optical head-mounted display (OHMD). The users can communicate via voice commands with this glass on the fly to do certain tasks like showing the latest emails, nearby restaurants and the movie timings in the theatre you are. It comes with the Android OS, 2 GB RAM and 16 GB flash memory. The future Google Glass may have higher configurations and specifications.

3. Parallella (A Supercomputer)

Parallella Supercomputer

Adapteva are the innovators of Parallella – A Supercomputer for Everyone. This project started in 2012 by Adapteva, which focused mainly on creating a supercomputer chip, the size of a credit card with just 1GB SDRAM and based on Epiphany multi-core chips. Parallella is a high performance supercomputer and the future of supercomputing at an affordable cost.

2. Automatic- Award winning car adapter

 Automatic- Award winning car adapter

Automatic is an incredible additions to the modern car accessories, which lets your car talk for you. Automatic is an adapter which connects to your on-board computer to give you a better driving experience. The data collected by Automatic lets you save engine fuel, improve your driving experience, get you help in case of a crash, remembers where you parked your car last time and also your trips. Automatic iOS app and Android apps helps you connect to your smart phones to give an awesome drive. Automatic adapters are compatible with all the cars from 1996, produced in the US.

1. Cicret Bracelet- Makes your skin your next touch screen

Cicret Bracelet

Cicret Bracelet is the next thing in wearable technology for its uniqueness. Cicret Bracelet is a wearable device that combines four different technologies to project using a Pico projector at a low angle on your skin, where you can interact over the skin to perform operations. The device lets you play games on your skin, make phone calls, and do all the smartphone operations on your skin without having to take out your smartphone.


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