10 Astounding Animal Camouflage Techniques

Animals tend to adapt themselves with the environment to avoid from dangers. Out of 50 million species around the world, there are very few animals that uniquely specifies their ability to blend with the environment. One fantastic example of mind-blowing camouflage would be the Indonesian Mimic Octopus, which can produce vast variations not just in terms of color but with physical structures as well. Here we have listed the 10 most amazing and breathtaking animal camouflage techniques, which are way ahead of our imaginations.

10. Knobbly Crab Spider

Knobbly Crab Spider

Knobbly crab spider is considered to be relatively timid and is majorly found in Queensland, Australia. As the name says, the crab is completely uneven and disfigured, which generally resides under the barks and woods to attack the preys. Knobbly spiders are generally brownish in color, and becomes highly impossible to see with naked eyes. The length of the body can vary between 8mm and 10mm and are very slow moving. While resting on a leaf they tend to fold the tip in order to cover themselves from the predator.

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9. Chameleon


Chameleon is the most popular camouflaging animal on this list. Although we get to see many chameleons then and there, they are very distinct and can create miracles when morphing is into consideration. Their skin consists of crystals and pigments to change color with that of the surrounding. The color transformation could be seen precisely on them with varying range when they come in contact with different objects. Crystals present in them can act as light absorber, which helps them turn colors respectively.

8. Baron Caterpillar

Baron Caterpillar

Baron Caterpillar is considered to be one of the best morphing insects around the world. During their larval stage, it is highly impossible to figure out while resting on a leaf due to extreme camouflage techniques. The caterpillar’s body is designed in such a way that it perfectly resembles a leaf’s vein while resting on a leaf. Baron Caterpillars are native to India and Southeast Asia, which are green in color during larval stage that blend with mango leaves. As they mature, they tend to grow up into a beautiful butterfly with color ranging between brown and green.

7. Pygmy Seahorse

Pygmy Seahorse

Pygmy Seahorse is the masters of camouflage, which is about 2 centimeters in length. The tiny Pygmy seahorses were found in 1969 due to their impressive blending capabilities. Till date, there were 6 spotting of this species and all of them were found from the tropical waters of Southeast Asia. They tend to reside on corals by blending themselves generating bumps on their body. The tubular capsules on their body and skin resembles perfectly like a coral, which was considered to be the reason for late discovery by biologists.

6. Dead Leaf Butterfly

Dead Leaf Butterfly

Dead leaf Butterfly is a fantastic looking butterfly with amazing camouflage wings. The dead leaf butterflies are found mainly in tropical Asia, especially in India and Japan. The outer layer of the wing completely resembles a dry leaf. Every detail of a decomposing leaf is present in them, which include curved edges, folding, ridges and veins. The camouflage is seasonal depending on dry or wet environment condition. It is highly astonishing to see that the wings have minute holes that resemble a decomposing leaf.

5. Dresser Crab

Dresser Crab

Dresser Crab, also recognized as “Decorator Crab”, is a wizard of camouflaging technique. Dresser crabs generally fetch for the nearby environmental objects like plants and sea stones to hide themselves from predators. Finding them is highly impossible, since their shells resemble exactly similar to rocks and corals. They are intelligent enough to tear the materials from the environment and rub themselves on their body to blend massively.

4. Cuttlefish


Cuttlefish is the monster of camouflage, which is capable of blending with corals, plants, seaweeds and soils by changing their skin color. Cuttlefishes are also capable of changing their textures and shapes to render with the environment. They have the ability to distinguish themselves by provoking their opposite genders with specific color change.

3. Satanic Leaf GeckoSatanic Leaf Gecko

Satanic Leaf Gecko is a perfect resemblance to a dry leaf. The leaf Geckos are endemic to the islands of Madagascar and are very less known living of their kind. The camouflage produced by them is simply incredible. The creature is about 2.5 to 6 inches in length and is impossible to figure out its presence if blended with the environment. Belgian naturalist George Albert Boulenger in 1880 described the species to be mythical, but the actual name was then applied in 1990s by Bill Love of Glades Herp. Inc.

2. Great Potoo

Great Potoo

Great Potoo is a monster camouflaging bird found in tropical America and is the greatest of Potoo species. Potoo birds are very clever in blending with the tree branches to trap the nearby insects and birds. They are nocturnal and are impossible to figure out the exact location when on perch. Primary food is considered to be bats and insects, which involve lethal dart hunt at night. Unlike other animals, the Great Potoo targets a prey and gets back the hunted one back to the same perch.

1. Indonesian Mimic Octopus

Indonesian Mimic Octopus

Indonesian Mimic Octopus was discovered in 1988 by a group of scientists off the coast of Sulawesi. There cannot be any animals on earth that can camouflage similar to the Indonesian Mimic Octopus. They are capable of changing their skin color and texture to blend with the environment instantly. Apparently, Mimic Octopuses prank the predators and shoo them intelligently by resembling themselves not be an octopus. Unlike other animals listed here, the mimic is capable of changing their body shapes as well, to make impossible for the prey to recognize in the blended environment and hence the name – “Mimic”.

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