10 Strangest Facts About The Bermuda Triangle

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, the Bermuda Triangle has been a hot topic of discussion for numerous years ever since it got popularized. Scientists began researching about the area after numerous cases of ships and planes going missing in the area was reported. Interestingly, some even consider the place to be haunted. Also, there have been theories about the intervention of extra-terrestrial bodies that have been the reason for the disappearances. It has claimed a lot of lives and also taken the lives of people who come searching for the bodies of the people that were initially struck by it. There is no solid proof to prove any of this, but the place is interesting enough to be discussed. There have been numerous references in television and cinema because of the obvious nature of the reporting being done about the place.

Check out the list of 10 weird facts about Bermuda Triangle which are interesting:

10. Undersea Test Center is Located Near the Bermuda Triangle

The Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center of the United States’ Navy is in the vicinity of the Bermuda Triangle. An interesting point to note here is that Vincent Gaddis wrote about the Bermuda triangle in 1964, and the AUTEC military base was put into action in 1966. There is a possibility that the center is also being used for investigating the activities in the Bermuda Triangle. The facility was put into action for testing various ballistics and conducting underwater research. The research center was probably into running reports for identifying the cases reported in the Bermuda Triangle. The US Navy has not acknowledged or commented on their role in this regard, but it is a possibility. The facility contains three major test ranges, and all of them were completed on a milestone basis.

9. Bermuda Triangle Influenced A Play (The Tempest) By Shakespeare

The Tempest is a play that was written by Williams Shakespeare. The plot revolves around a sorcerer’s quest to put his daughter back in place using sorcery. Why this play is of interest because there is a shipwreck in the play in the supposed Bermuda Triangle. According to scholars, there is a high probability that an actual shipwreck in the region would have inspired Shakespeare to include it in his play. Again, scholars were able to come up with such speculations because of the area where the shipwreck happened in the story can be loosely tied to the present-day Bermuda Triangle. The inspiration could have been from an actual shipwreck or maybe not. Nevertheless, it certainly amplifies the mystery surrounding the area.

8. Due Diligence About the Area Could Have Avoided the Accidents

The Atlantic Ocean is humongous, and sailing through it or flying above it demands superior mental acuity. This is because few things need to be accommodated to compensate for the geophysical features about the place. Let’s take, for example, pilots trying to read the compass in this area. Usually, they would have to add the magnetic variation of the compass, but it wouldn’t be necessary above the Bermuda Triangle. Accommodation of the variation would be nothing but the perfect ingredient for a blunder and consequent massacre of the crew on the flight. Additionally, it can also be noted that the location of the Bermuda Triangle is such that it is at the receiving end of storms from different directions converging into it.

7. Despite the Paranormal Element, There Are Also Concrete Explanations


The Atlantic Ocean is the second largest ocean in the world behind the Pacific Ocean. Due to the enormity of the place, there could be multifarious reasons for these disappearances and crashes. It could be interesting to note that human error has been cited as the biggest causative agent for the cases reported. Take for example the case of Harvey Conover. He was a businessman that succumbed to the wrath of a storm in the area solely because of his arrogance to sail his yacht during such inclement weather conditions. Spontaneous eruptions of deep-sea volcanoes can also be an explanation for such mishaps. USS Cyclops that sank in the area was carrying the load more than the design load which led to its eventual sinking. They lost almost ~300 men and 10,000 tons of manganese ore.

6. There Are More Bermuda Triangles

If Bermuda triangle is to the Atlantic Ocean, then Dragon’s triangle is to the Pacific Ocean. Like the Bermuda Triangle, the Dragon’s triangle was popularized solely because of the paranormal activities that have been reported to take place here. Even though there hasn’t been any cementing proof, the claims are widespread and popular. If the area had to be looked through a scientist’s lens, the disappearances or related activities can be linked to natural phenomena. Deep-sea volcanoes and the presence of gas hydrates could be in the list of plausible explanations.  Like the Bermuda Triangle, there is no consensus on what encompasses the Devil’s sea or Dragon’s triangle. Hence, writers keep reporting differently.

5. The Area Has an Influence on Land, Air, and Sea

Incidents reported in connection with the Bermuda triangle is not just about ships sinking or planes crashing. There have been reports about it having killed people on land too. Based on reports, two personnel in charge of guarding the Great Isaac Lighthouse disappeared in 1969 to never be seen again. Scientifically speaking, a typhoon had swept the area during the time of the disappearance, but people believe that the Bermuda triangle had a role in it. Apparently, the place doesn’t discriminate between military vessels and commercial ships. It is known to take its wrath, unconditionally. In total, there have been 22 reported mishaps. The fatalities were 923, and only 59 people survived to tell the tale.

4. It Has Influenced Names For Other Regions

When Need for speed was launched, one of the locations that a player could choose to drive through was the great Sierra Nevada. It is a snowy range of mountains in the United States. The terrain is tricky, and numerous phenomena can be observed in these mountain ranges. Sierra rotor, the horizontal rotation of the atmosphere in the east due to strong winds from the west is one among them. They may be beautiful and pristine, but it has claimed a lot of lives because of numerous plane crashes.  The crashes are estimated to be in the range of ~2000. Due to the number of crashes that have happened in this place, it is sometimes called the Nevada Triangle. Obviously, the reference is from the Bermuda Triangle.

3. Bermuda Triangle is a Myth


After having looked at what Bermuda triangle is all about, it is imperative to also look at what skeptics have to say about this area. Most scientists and skeptics who have studied the place intensely and have tried recreating the supposed accidents have ridiculed the idea of it being a black hole. A hole that is capable of drowning or disappearing anything. After looking at the incidents clearly, most of them were able to explain the disappearance scientifically and pragmatically. Some of them have even gone to the extent of claiming that most of the reports were fabricated and didn’t hold any sort of scientific backing.

2. Many Cases Of Abandoned Ships

The maximum number of fatalities were observed with respect to ships. It is understandable considering the water is fiery and the area is known to be an epicenter of building high storms. If the numbers are to be believed, in total 773 people succumbed to death because of a mishap in this region. An incident that is widely circulated about the Bermuda Triangle is the Carroll A. Deering abandonment. It was a commercial ship that was spotted sailing its course with absolutely nobody on the deck. In an effort to salvage the wreck, cutting was attempted, but it was futile. To avoid it being a threat, it was sunk using dynamites.

There are many other such incidents of abandoned ships in the Bermuda Triangle. In 1840, another ship was found abandoned.

1. No Fixed Area

Even though there have been efforts to demarcate what exactly encompasses the Bermuda triangle, there is yet to be some fixed boundary for the triangle. Since the place is considered to be in the shape of a triangle, it would be interesting to know that fixing the vertices of the triangle should do the job. Again, there hasn’t been any kind of concrete consensus on it. Some have fixed it as San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. An interesting phenomenon happens every time there is an accident or a disappearance. Based on the writer reporting it, the vertices change. Sometimes they change significantly. Since there is no agreement on the vertices, the area of the place varies between 500,000 to 1,510,000 sq. mi. Does that even mean that the Bermuda Triangle is moving?

Officially the Bermuda Triangle isn’t on any maps. This is due to the fact the area isn’t fixed and many paranormal incidents happen here. No official body recognizes the area on their maps.