Top 10 High Paying Topics for Adsense Publishers

Google Adsense is the hope for many bloggers and website owners. If you are in the process of starting a new website and are in a state of confusion on what to blog, then this article can enlighten you a little. Before we look into some of the best topics to choose to earn some real money from Adsense, do remember to go with your passion. I always suggest my fellow bloggers to blog on what you like and not on what others blog (to earn money). Never start a blog just to start making money. I can assure you that you will end up closing your website or blog. Just in case your passion falls within the following topics, then consider yourself lucky to make some big bucks. If the topic doesn’t fall under this category, do not be saddened, but be enthusiastic because there are many bloggers who have succeed by choosing weird and rare topics. There is a trend now to choose rare topics, just because you are going to be topped high for your set of keywords.

Here is the list of some of the highly paid Google Adsense topics you can blog on.

10. Travel


Who do not like traveling and touring? Travel is an awesome experience and fun for travel lovers and occasional travelers as well. Travel and tourism industry is an extremely huge market with a global value of more than $4 trillion (approx.). There are many nations in the world which are mainly depending on tourism. If you are travel lover, then you should definitely try your hands on this topic not just to blog but to earn money as well. This topic is huge and requires good travel skills to write.

9. Social Media


Social media has gained much popularity in the past few decades due to the invention of computer and internet. The medium to send and connect to millions of people from all over the world has become so easy nowadays. Thanks to the power of “Social Media”. There are thousands of ways one can connect to the society, few of them being Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Whatsapp. Due to the fast growing social media market, this topic is hot in the market. More and more business minded people are marketing their products and services via social media quickly. There is huge advertisement revenue generated from social media and there are also huge investments on social media marketing. Since, the social media is all about the society and people who make the customers and consumers of the product, social media is never going to die. At this fast pace, you are going to be lucky enough to choose this topic.

8. Celebrity


Like fashion, “Celebrity” is a trending topic as well. The celebrity world is a huge thingy in the blogosphere. There are thousands of high-profile celebrities from fashion industry, cinema industry, business world, sports, and politics. People love the attitudes these celebrities introduce to us. Some people even love to keep them as their role models. The “Celebrity” topic is a high CPC keyword and is heavily searched on Google. This topic is going to get you lots of money, if you are going to choose this.

7. Fashion


This is one of the oldest topics and the fashion world is so so vast to blog. Anything these days can be considered fashion like wearing your scarf around your neck to wearing different types of skirt in the public. People love fashion in their dress, attitude, house, work and more. Since the fashion industry is a billion dollar industry, there is a wide range of opportunities from this topic to blog.

6. Relationship


Relationships like marriage, motherhood, fatherhood, friendship, love, and siblings are some of the high paying topics. Relationship marketing is a trending topic these days. People who write on relationships are growing at a faster rate in terms of traffic and money. This growth is equaled by people looking for relationship tips and guides. Relationship is not just related to connecting two people physically but also connecting two people mentally, hence this is a popular and different topic to get some fast money from Adsense.

5. Entertainment


This topic is our favorite topic among the whole lot here. Entertainment is something which is enjoyed by every one of us online and offline. Entertainment can be anything ranging from music, art and culture to cinema, movies, and sports. Some of the topics mentioned here come under entertainment like Fashion, celebrity and travel. People love enjoyment, amusement and on the whole are in need of lots of entertainment. This topic is a high paid topic from Adsense.

4. Real Estate


This greedy world is looking for new real estate opportunities to expand their business and financial capabilities to invest and gain more. People want luxurious houses, properties and household to live. In the recent years, we have seen growth in real estate websites where one can sell, auction and buy houses and properties. Buying and selling real estate has a very old tradition. Since, there is so much of money and finance involved in real estate, this topic is a big hit among Adsense publishers.

3. Technology


Technology is a great topic to choose if you want to earn some big bucks from Adsense. Technology is a sector which is constantly changing and technology enthusiasts are always looking for new things and updates. Technology blogs in large have always succeeded. There are thousands of tech blogs and websites which are earning huge commissions from Adsense. Tech blogs are comparatively easy to start, even if you are not from a tech background, because technology can be learnt by anybody. But, if you want to establish an authoritative blog on technology, then it is a definite must for you to be from the technology background.

2. Health


As the proverb goes “Health is Wealth”. In the world of high stress and pollution, health has been a major concern for many of us. There is a high surge in health awareness among the people and are constantly being searched on the Internet. Health as a topic is a definite gain if you are going to start a blog. Though, there are millions of sites already on “Health”, still this topic can be considered for your blog. Again, health also requires lots of knowledge and research. Some of the tips on certain amateur health websites may not be appropriate and can be misleading as well. If you are from a health sector, then this topic is a definite “Go” for you.

1. Finance


The finance topic is a very vast topic with lots of micro-niche in them. The finance topic can be further divided into topics like “Insurance”, “Make money online”, “Tax information”, “Share market”, “Banking” and so on. You may choose to blog on all the mentioned topics or choose a specific niche. Finance has been constantly ranked as the high paying niche by Google Adsense from a very long time. To blog on Finance, a person must be highly educated on financial topics and should have knowledge on wide varieties of finance information and data.

The list just doesn’t end here; there are other topics as well which are paid high by Google Adsense. Some of the few topics we selected are Automobile, SEO, Photography, Parenting and Blogging tips.


Vinod Suthersan is an young tech enthusiast, Blogger addict, Internet craze and thriving to learn new things on the world of Internet.