10 Most Bizarre Jobs Around The World

The world today is based on the “survival of the fittest”, where there is a huge competition in any profession. But there are few jobs, so called the weirdest and bizarre jobs, which are pathetic to even imagine on how these jobs progresses. There is always a question on how some of them get directed towards these weird jobs!! The major reason behind, people getting into such weird jobs are due to their high pay or due to specific skills. Here, we have listed 10 weirdest and insane jobs around the world, which may genuinely prove that your current profession is absolutely normal.

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10. Oshiya (Pusher)

Oshiya (Pusher)

The Japanese Railway hires Oshiya, commonly called as Pushers, who involve in pushing the commuters inside the train when it is beyond its normal capacity. The Japanese Railway, instead of expanding the network or rail frequency, they hire Pushers to cram people inside the train, to reduce delays. The Pushers are generally part-time workers like students and station staffs.

9. Snake Milker

Snake Milker

Snake Milker is a lethal job since they are leading their entire career with snakes. This is the job commonly seen across the globe, which involves squirting snake’s venom into a tin to produce antivenin. The legendary Bill Haast, pioneer in venom research has survived over 172 venomous snake bites during his entire career. He has commenced this profession successfully for 100 years, since his teenage days.

8. Vomit Collector

Vomit Collector

This job can be one of the dirtiest ever, where theme parks are forced to hire Vomit Collectors. Many theme parks are featured with roller coaster that forces you to puke your meal immediately after the ride. The employees cleaning such stinky vomits would certainly resemble a slave trapped in an organization. The main reason behind this is to cleanse from bacterial infection instead of stench, when asked to the amusement park authorities.

7. Paint Drying Watcher

Paint Drying Watcher

Have you ever thought of a job, just by starring on the walls? Yes, The Paint industry hires as Paint Drying Watcher, manifested as one of the most boring jobs in the world. Dr.Thomas Kerwin has worked with the international paint company, Dulux, for four years, who looks at the painted wall on a daily basis. This responsibility is given to observe the changing color after the paint being applied on the wall and the amount of time it takes to get latched up with the wall.

6. Body Farm Caretaker

Body Farm Caretaker

Have you ever wondered who cleans up the body at the murder investigation site? The Body Farm Caretaker’s job is not only to drag the body off the site, but also to clear the maggots and worms of the dead body. This can be one of the weirdest and disgusting jobs in the world.

5. Professional Sleepers

Professional Sleepers

The hotel industry mainly hires Professional Sleepers to test the sleeping comfort level of the bed. The individuals suffer from insomniac though there profession is. The Professional Sleepers will have to write a detailed feedback of their experience and the requirements to improve the comfort level. Some of them would definitely expect this job to be normal, but that can turn into sarcasm.

4. Professional Iceberg Mover


Professional Iceberg Mover

The icebergs in the ocean are one of the reasons for ship tragedy across the world. The International Ice Patrol created an organization after the Titanic catastrophe to keep any further occurrences from happening in the future. This organization was created by North American and other European Countries, which consisted of Professional Iceberg Movers to clear large icebergs. Obviously it would be a great job in moving across different parts of the world to clear icebergs, but it has limitations as well. It is extremely bizarre to move these during high wavy conditions, which can result in toppling of the ship. Moving a single iceberg can take above 72 hours, since the boat can move at about one nautical mile per hour.

3. Worm Picker

worms picker

All that needs for a Worm Picker profession is a flashlight and a bucket. Worm Picker profession is one of the weirdest and bizarre in the world, which involves collecting quality earthworms for the shipment purpose. Every tin of worms can fetch up to $18. At night, there is a need to wear protective gloves to prevent from harmful insects.

2. Pet Food Tester

Dog Food Tester

Many branded companies supplying their products in the market, have their own professional Pet Food Tester, who mainly involves in testing the nutritional and taste levels of the food.  Since the dogs can’t provide feedback, the Pet Food Testers help in providing feedback on taste, smell, and the brittleness. The pet owners always seek for pleasant aroma and hence there is a need to provide perfect fragrance in the pet food products. Many in the professional plant enjoy tasting pet foods and also earn hefty annual income of about $75,000.

1. Fart Smeller

fart smeller

Fart Smeller is one of the most disgusting and demanding jobs in china where people are paid to smell other human’s noxious gas. These individuals are offered with annual package that are incomparable with other top class professions. This job is particularly popular in china and the basic idea behind is to cost cut the medical expenses. The individual is capable of identifying the internal secrets of the body, just by sniffing the poop factor few meters away from the patient. Since this job is very rare and requires high skills, the competition for this profession is considerably low.

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