10 Most Beautiful Snakes In The World

Snakes are one of the most lethal reptiles, anticipating bizarre amongst almost everyone. Since the origin of these reptiles, there have been about 3000 species of snakes. These species are gradually getting extinct and no wonders on how many will sustain to survive in the near future. Some of them are listed below include both venomous and non-venomous, which are special for their looks. We have brought you with a list of 10 most beautiful snakes that are not just surprising but are incredible with vibrant colors.

10. Green Tree Python

Green Tree Python

The Green Tree Python is found primarily in New Guinea and Australia. It can grow up to 6 ft. They inhabit a variety of places like trees, bushes, rainforests, and shrubs. One cannot deny the beauty of this snake.

9. Blizzard Corn Snake

Blizzard Corn Snake

The Blizzard Corn Snake is a combination of Amelanistic gene and Charcoal gene. The body of a matured Blizzard Corn Snake is solid white. They are completely harmless and some keep this as their pet animal.

8. Bloodred Corn Snake

Bloodred Corn Snake

The Bloodred Corn Snake reside in North America and prefer forest openings, abandoned buildings and farms. Snake is named as Corn due to its existence near grain stores.  The body is in the form of reddish-brown with black saddles.

7. Albino Ball Python

Albino Ball Python

The Albino Ball Python originate from West Africa which stands to be the most popular pet snakes in the pet trade. They can grow up to 6 ft. Their body is typically bright yellow or white with no dark pigments and has impressive red-eyes.

6. Indigo Easter Rat Snake

Indigo Easter Rat Snake

The Indigo Eastern Rat Snake is alert, active and timid which inhibits in the coastal plain. It is found mostly in Florida and eastern Georgia that can grow up to 8 ft. Eastern Rat snakes are impressive beasts and their body is in the form of bluish-black.

5. Leucistic Texas Rat Snake

Leucistic Texas Rat Snake

The Leucistic Texas Rat Snake is lissom, long found primarily within the state of Texas. They are extremely active and can group up to 6 ft. Their body is typically whitish-yellow and has irregular blotching from head to tail.

4. Black Spitting Cobra

Black spitting cobra

The Black Spitting Cobra is mostly found in sub-Saharan Africa that grows up to 7.2 ft. They eject venom from their fangs when threatened. Its body form probably would be striped black and white.

3. Blue Racer Snake

Blue Racer Snake

The Blue Racer Snake is highly active, fast moving which inhibits a variety of places, including bushes, swamps, open woods, and weedy lake edges. It is mostly found in the southern part of Peninsula. Adult Blue Racer’s body is light blue whereas younger ones are greyish, with smooth scales of darker spots.

2. Oriental Whip Snake

oriental whipsnake

The Oriental Whip Snake is a mildly venomous snake and consists of enlarged teeth located in the upper-end jaw to deliver venom. It prefers wooded residential areas and rural agricultural areas. Its body form is extremely willowy and the coloration can vary from light brown to yellowish-green.

1. Red-headed Krait

red headed krait

The Red-headed Krait is a highly venomous snake which inhibits forested hills, lower areas below 400 meters elevation. It is mostly found in the southern part of Thailand. The Red-headed Krait grows up to 6.9 ft. The beauty of this snake is personified in the form of its bright orange-red head with a pale body and short reddish tail.