10 Most Dangerous Ants In The World

We are often seen ignoring ants as we get to see them then and there in normal daily life. Every animal species can fall into a category of being dangerous to either humans or other animals. Oh! come on, I never had a belief that an ant could even kill an adult human being. Shocking to the fact that there are some of the ants listed here are so dangerous that they can kill anything on its way. We bring for you the 10 most dangerous ants in the world, that are not to be ignored if encountered in our usual lives.

10. Jack Jumper Ant

Jack Jumper Ant

Now, don’t get scared to see this ant if you even come across somewhere. The ant can resemble like a tiny scorpion, which can give nightmares for some. The Jack Jumper Ant is also recognized as the “hopper ant”, native to Australia. The venomous ant has killed about four people between 1980 and 2000. Further, as there is nothing much to fear with a single bite for humans, but there are proven examples of them to be lethal enough to kill. The venom content in them can cause the victim with symptoms like allergies, increased heart rate and low blood pressure. Finally, the target of the venom hits the immune system of the victim.

9. Pony Ant

Pony Ant

Pony ant is considered as one of the most terrifying among the ant species. The ants are specific and endemic to Australia. Also recognized as the “green ant”, the Pony ant’s appearances are very unique and distinctive. The stings are very powerful and can cause intense pain to the humans. Basically, medical attention is required in case a bit is experienced. The dangerous venom content in the sting can fall the victim to anaphylactic shock. The anaphylactic shock is an allergic reaction to cause itching, vomiting and swelling. Further, the untreated victims can even fall to death due to intense venom.

8. Green Tree Ant

Green Tree Ant

Green Tree ant is also recognized as the weaver, which is found in Australia and Tropical Asia. The nest made by the Green Tree ants are basically through stitching the leaves and forming a colony. Each ant colony can consist of over half a million in head counts. Additionally, they don’t comprise of any stings, but every bite would be like a piercing pin on the skin. There are some advantages of the Green Tree ant and the first thing happens to be the oil grabbed by crushing them in bulk. Proven to be curing stomach infection and fertility complications.

7. Bullhorn Acacia Ant

Bullhorn Acacia Ant

Bullhorn Acacia ant is something like wasp in appearances. Just that they don’t feature the outer aspects such as wings and wasp anatomy. The length and the coloration as well is pretty much comparable to the wasp. The stings of the Bullhorn Acacia ant can produce pulsating effect and can be very painful on human skin. Further, the ants are seen majorly in the African countries. Comes with many medicinal advantages as they can be used in treating asthma and deep depressions.

6. Florida Harvester Ant

Florida Harvester Ant

Florida Harvester Ant is basically found in the deserts of North, Central and South America. In terms of appearances, the ant is featured with a beard like structure in almost all the species of Florida Harvester ant. Further, the beard like structure helps them in grabbing small gravels and seeds in smooth sand surfaces. Never to underestimate the Florida Harvester ants, as they sack the venom that are found in Cobra and western honey bee. Additionally, these venoms are used as part of defense mechanism to kill animals like horned lizards. These ants can be potentially hazardous to humans as well.

5. Fire Ant

Fire Ant

There are over 200 species of fire ant that commonly fall into the genus Solenopsis. As the name says, the fire ant produces the same effect as that of a burning skin. Some of the fire ant species are as well recognized as “ginger ants”. The stings from them are terribly painful and would require immediate medical attention. Bites as a group can be very dangerous as their venom comprises of alkaloids. The allergic reaction on the human skin can cause swelling and irritation on the spot. Other symptoms can be loss of breadth and slurred speech, which can eventually be fatal if not treated on time. The fire ants are powerful enough to kill small animals and the behavior seems to be very aggressive.

4. Siafu Ant

Siafu ants

Siafu ant is also recognized as the “Driver ant”. Primarily found in central and east Africa, the ant is very dangerous for humans. Every nest by them can comprise of over 20 million individuals. They have a powerful rugged jaw that can tear apart the prey in groups in a matter of seconds. Further, the worker ants are the ones more powerful than the normal ones. The worker Siafu ants are featured with bigger jaw sizes, greater strength and stinging capabilities.

3. Army Ant

Army Ant

Army ant, also recognized as the “Raids” is considered potentially very dangerous to humans. The word “Army” for the ant itself emphasizes that they are very much into attacking in groups. As far Army ants are into consideration, they tend to basically get too aggressive in nature. Residing at a location by forming nests are something weird for Army ants, as they keep migrating in ground from places to places. Additionally, the group formed by them are not to be something considered as a piece of cake. The attack by the group comprises of a count of over 100,000 ants to demolish the prey. Further, while attacking the prey, the intent would be to topple as a group to finally kill the victim.

2. Bullet Ant

Bullet Ant

Bullet ant is nothing less than the Bulldog ant. Just image the name of the ant itself as “Bullet”. The Bullet name for the ant comes after the stings experienced by people from the ant. Seemingly, the ant is supposed to cause pain that are greater than a gun shot on the body. Found in the Honduras and Paraguay, the ant tops the list when pain factor is into considerations. Further, the pain can be sustained by the victim for over 24 hours. The venom content in them gives a repulsive impact that blocks the synaptic transmission in the central nervous system.

1. Bulldog Ant

Bulldog Ant

Bulldog ant is featured in the Guinness World Records as the most dangerous ant in the world. Major population of the ant resides in coastal regions of Australia. There have been about three human fatalities due to Bulldog ant since 1988. The stings are very powerful that are rated second in terms of pain for sensitive humans. The pain can last for several minutes, which is basically told as “Sharp in pain with no burning”. The interaction with humans have been encountered to be very aggressive. Seems that the ant can jump several inches in case any disturbance or jolt experienced on the nests. Evidences prove that the venom injected by them can cause insensitivity to tissue for longtime. Additionally, even birds and animals should be kept away from them, as they can easily inject the venom to fall for it by causing renal failure.

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