10 Most Haunted Castles In The World

Castles are always latched with some part of the mystery of what would have happened there since the time of construction. Until someone keeps an account as part of history, the world still sees the grass as greener on the other side. Probably, you would have come across some of the most beautiful castles as well as some strange ones in either of your tourist spots. Around the globe, there are thousands of castles, out of which we have brought you with the 10 most haunted castles in the world. Honestly saying, these castles are very much spooky and haunted at night that are very much evident put forward by the legends living around.

10. Craig-y-Nos Castle, England

Craig y Nos Castle

Craig-y-Nos Castle is in the southeastern edge of the Black Mountain, United Kingdom. The primary portion of the building was built in 1841 and was sold in 1876. By the time of selling in 1876, a lot of awful happened had occurred to the owners of the castle. Subject to the hauntings here, there have been a lot of evidences of the hauntings by the Patti. Patti was the first person to buy the castle in 1878 to own her self private estate. Prior to being the castle, the built mansion was used as a hospital in 1921 after the death of Adelina Patti. Legends and passers by have come up with a lot of stories and allegation of unexplained noises and floor sounds. Although no presence of anyone around the passerby, the situation definitely has brought them a nerve biting experience.

9. Himeji Castle, Japan

Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle is one of the spookiest castles at night due to a possessed well inside the castle. Located in the Hyogo Prefecture in the city of Himeji, the castle is considered the most preserved since the existence. The castle was built in 1333, which happened to have been rebuilt in 1346 by Akamatsu Norimura. Considered as the most renowned castles in Japan, the Himeji Castle was the first one to enter the World Heritage Sites from Japan in 1993. With so much credits to the castle having a lot of visitors today, the castle convicted to be very scary at night. Okiku is said to haunt the well, who was killed and thrown into the well for prosecuting of losing dishes, which was considered valuable by family. Legends have conveyed that her soul is still latched inside the well and haunts at night.

8. Ballygally Castle, Ireland

Ballygally Castle

Ballygally Castle is considered Ireland’s most haunted places. The castle was built in 17th century and is located about three miles north of Larne. Further, the castle is used as residence since the time of its constructions. The evidences of paranormal activities have seen a whole new level of horror among the people residing there. A lot of ghost are said to ramble in and around the castle. And the most evident ones are the unknown knocking on the hotel doors. The knocking ghost is recognized as the former resident, Lady Isobel Shaw. She was held previously for unknown knocks and vanishing from the spot. She died of falling from the window of her room where she was locked down by her husband. A small room in the castle called the “The Ghost Room” is currently not in use and seem to be haunted.

7. Berry Pomeroy Castle, England

Berry Pomeroy Castle

Berry Pomeroy Castle was built in late 15th century in the village of Berry Pomeroy. A lot of stories that flaunts around the castle with intense hauntings. The castle was under the ownership guideline until it was abandoned in 17th century. Further, abandoning the castle, it has received a lot of tourist attraction.. The haunting here are more of a horror by two ladies. One in white and the other in blue haunting the castle. Considering as one of the most haunted in Britain, people are seen experiencing the blue lady seeking for help from the towers from passers-by. Shocking to the fact that people intending to help by moving towards the tower have fallen to death. Some of the legends there convey that the white lady is the spirit of Margaret Pomeroy.

6. Chillingham Castle, England

Chillingham Castle

A lot of chilling stories flaunts the castle of Chillingham. Located in northern part of Northumberland, which reside as a medieval castle. The castle was accounted as a monastery in 12th century. The barriers of the castle helped the English armies to prevent the Scottish from entering their territory. Still the history has clashes between them repeatedly irrespective of having such huge structure. Considering the haunting here, the castle is featured as one of the most haunted place in England. Additionally, with more than one haunting stories to come across, the spookiest one is the castle’s “blue boy”, who happens to haunt the pink room of the castle.

5. Bran Castle, Romania

Bran Castle

One example of mysteries fusing at a single castle would be the Bran Castle. The Bran Castle is in Romania, which was built in 1377. There have been a lot of stories that was accounted with the horror by the Dracula. Due to which the castle got its name, “Dracula’s Castle”. Not to be very accurate on the being really being killed by these Dracula at this location. But, legends have put forward that there have been over thousands of kill by the Dracula with immense crucifying deaths. Even today, there are a lot of chambers and passages in the castles that remains a mystery.

4. Warwick Castle, Engalnd

Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle is a spooky castle located in Warwickshire, England. The castle was conquered by William in 1068. The structure was one of the most recognized in the 14th century considering in terms of military architecture. Additionally, the castle was completely rebuilt as the stones were deteriorating. Currently, the castle stands as a famous tourist spot in England. People believe that the castle is haunted by Fluke Greville who was known to been murdered in Holborn. The castle officially features a live ghost shows and events to attract more tourists.

3. Tower of London, England

Tower of London

Tower of London is a historic haunted castle located in the central London. The castle is very impressive in terms of looks, which was founded in 1066. Basically, between 1100 and 1952, castle was utilized as a prison although was not built for it. The castle was again used to keep the prisoners during the First and Second World War. Currently, the castle falls under the World Heritage Site.

The castle is said to be haunted by the Anne Boleyn who was beheaded for betraying the country. People have come up with stories of them seeing Anne’s soul carrying her beheaded head under her arm. Most of the times, her ghostly appearances are seen around the White Tower where she was buried.

2. Leap Castle, Ireland

Leap Castle

Cannot say for sure as Leap Castle the spookiest in the world, as one’s perception differs. Located in Coolderry, the castles can give you a jaw biting chillness while passing by. The castle was originally recognized as “Leim Ui Bhanain”, which means “Leap of the O’Bannons”. There is no clear-cut picture on when the castle was built, but confirms that the castle area was occupied by druids. One major featuring of the ghost haunting was while telecasting the real live examples by the Ghost Hunters and the TV’s most haunted to the world. Some of them predict that the castle is haunted by the spirit of one of the O’Carroll’s who deceased of leprosy.

1. Houska Castle, Czech Republic

Houska Castle

Houska Castle is one of the best-preserved castle in Czech Republic. To be very straight, the castle is fantastic in terms of looks, which symbolizes the level of maintenance since ages. The castle was built under the leadership of Ottokar II of Bohemia in the second half of the 13th century. But, following the years of reign, the ownership happened to move from hands to hands. Finally, the castle is now under the ownership of Josef Simonek, who is the current President of Skoda. Considering the awful scenarios here, the Germans were involved in ruthless tortures to prisoners and locals during war. These innocent locals were put to undergo sadistic experiments.

The traditional history behind the large hole built inside the castle is simply mind boggling. The large hole there is allegedly refers as a “gateway to hell”. The prisoners then were given an opportunity by the officials, to release them if they report of what exactly was inside the large hole. The first person who was brought out from the large hole had completely turned from a young person to a middle 30s in age.

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