10 Fatal Addictions that are Extremely Difficult to Cure

A human definitely have dependencies in life, but when the dependence crosses extreme limits, lead to addiction. When we come across the word “Addiction”, the first thing hits our mind is either drugs, smoking or alcohol. But, there are way more addictions than our imaginations. Here, we have listed the 10 fatal addictions that are extremely difficult to cure.

10. Potato Chips

potato addict

There are very few addictive food items in the world, out of which, potato majorly contributes towards addiction. Potato is considered as the most tempting food eventually leading a person to become a “Couch Potato”. American Psychiatrists Association came up with a disorder named “Binge Eating”, where a person eats more than others in certain amount of time. Potato can mentally cause a person to fall in love with it, eventually leading to potato addiction.

9. Love

Love addict


Love is certainly considered as one of the greatest addictions, since it is intellectual relation. Love could also be meant hypothetical, depending on person’s individual interest. Oxytocin is a “Cuddle hormone”, which is secreted by the pituitary gland that causes love in humans. Nowadays, there are many murders, abuses and suicides happening across the globe that are to be proportional with the concept of love. There are many causes for love addictions, such as emotional distress, rejections, physical appearances, and childhood neglect.

8. Shopping


Shopping is made easier in today’s trend with increasing new applications and technology. Similar to workaholic, people who shop too much are considered as “Shopaholic”, where they tend to adore shopping and waste money by just buying products. There are many kinds of shopping addictions, such as bargain seekers, compulsive shopaholic, or big spenders. Shopping is tied up with emotions, where some of them feel that the product purchased was not up to the satisfactory level and they tend to purchasing new products recursively.

7. Work

Food addict

Too much work is too bad for health and it is obvious. People working round the hours are meant to be “Workaholic”. Work addictions are related to a person’s personal and official goals. In order to achieve long-term goals, work becomes primary criteria in respective individual’s life that can make them lose interest in daily activity and performances. To be very honest, the more we work, the more we get paid and repeating the process leads to work addictions. Some of the known symptoms could be working till late night when not needed, avoiding family relationships by giving office as the reason, to be very defensive in terms of speech or aggressive reactions when asked about unofficial matters. All these together put an individual to either end up with extreme abuses or suicide.

6. Food

Food addict

Food, obviously is one of the essential source for a human for survival. But, there are few food items that can cause lot impact on addictions. Researchers have proved that sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine. Internet today have majorly contributed on faster food delivery at door steps. Food items with heavy salt, sugar or fat content can cause the brain to secret excess dopamine that can cause the similar effect of addictions as that of cocaine. Some of them even change their behavior if the food consumption is interrupted, which could probably go violent.

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5. Negativity

Negativity addict

It sounds weird to include negativity as addiction in the list. However, negativity plays a major role if the individual keeps repenting about the negative stuffs beyond certain limits. A point could come over where the individual starts doubting on almost anything and everything. Human tendency is quite ironic, where an individual thinks of negativity of previous scenarios rather than the happy moments of life. Scientists have proved that negativity is as addictive as drugs. Many cases have caused deaths and abuses due to negativity of environment and situations.

4. Technology

Technology addict

Technology has a lot of potential to topple one’s mental ability. Some of us definitely would like to cope with the advancing technology, but there are many extreme cases where individuals sell their kidneys to buy phones and tablets. Technology addicted victims show very less interest towards non-gadget involving activities, which gradually reduces the performance of their daily routine. People addicted to technology can even face problems related to sleep and can even lead to mental disorders.

3. Smoking

Smoking addict

Smoking is one of the world’s dangerous addictions, and of-course cigarette is the culprit. A cigarette consists of nicotine, which damages the brain that carries out the signal to “seek food” and “starvation”. Smoking not only causes damage to the individual, but also the person nearby. However, scientists have also proved that passive smoking is even more dangerous than active smoking. Smoking causes 10 times more pollution than a normal diesel car. Nicotine relaxes an individual from stress, which causes a person to become a slave of it. However, the pleasure is temporary, the effects caused by a cigarette to the brain will be a permanent damage.

2. Alcohol

Alcohol addict

As we all know, alcohol consumption is injurious to health and we keep getting alerts in movies and television channels. Alcohol was once considered as luxury substance, since it was consumed by only above average personnel. Obviously, alcohol hits the stability of the brain, where an individual experiences relief. Gradually, alcohol becomes a primary source for an individual without which life becomes very awkward. Today, alcohol consumption have become so trendy that adolescents consume more alcohol than adults. Alcohol addictions primarily affects the liver, followed by adverse effect on nervous system, stomach and heart.

1. Drugs

Drugs addict

Drug addiction is one of the most fatal addiction known till date. Drug addiction is a brain disease that can lead to change in structure of the brain. About 5% of the world’s population consume drugs that are illegal. A proper treatment for each drug addict individual right from initial phase would cost about $250 billion. Drugs such as Cocaine or Heroin can addict a person if consumed once and can cause adverse effects like nose bleeding, brain damage, heart attacks and many more. About 200,000 people are getting killed every year due to Cocaine and Heroin. A stage can come over where the person can never live without drugs and rehabilitation makes it impossible after certain stage of drug life.

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